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Easter 18


This isn't Fake News. This is no April Fools' prank. Hope is alive! Christ is risen! We celebrate God's work on the cross for us and jesus' resurrection on Easter weekend. Join us?  

Join us at C4 Church this Easter weekend as our guest. Each of our worship experiences include vibrant musical worship, multimedia elements, and relevant teaching on what the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ means today.  See below for locations and service times. For more information on C4 Church visit

Location & Times.




Good Friday | March 30         

5pm| Bowmanville High School, 49 Liberty St N

Easter Sunday | April 1                

5pm | Bowmanville High School, 49 Liberty St Ny



Good Friday | March 30                   

9 & 10:30am C4 Church, 599 Bayly St E

Easter Sunday  | April 1                    

8:30am, 10am & 11:30am C4 Church, 599 Bayly St E


Port Perry

Good Friday | March 30         

10:30am| Port Perry High School 160 Rosa St

Easter Sunday | April 1                

10:30am | Port Perry High School 160 Rosa St